Year End Music Countdowns #1: 2002

I’ll start with the year of 2002, when I was at the tender age of grade 10, and music had just taken over my life. There was no “Worst Of” chart this year, because I hadn’t become the jaded, bitter old man I would be the next year.

Please note also that these lists reflect my favorites based on my tastes of each respective year…things change..THEY DO.

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Year End Music Countdown Prequels- 2000 & 2001

Though it may utterly shock and surprise you, these lists were finalized during my current “adult” years, and not in the years during which these songs came out. The thing is, they’re inextricably linked to the memories from those times.  Even though I didn’t become an avid music listener until 2002, the bits and pieces of music I’d hear in the two years prior cemented themselves in my subconscious and are probably never going to be chipped away.
I’m basically trying to explain why you’ll find Staind, Linkin Park, et al. on these lists and not Radiohead, Dismemberment Plan, and other highbrow picks.

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