Year End Music Countdowns #3: 2004

Welcome to the list motivated entirely by pent-up aggression and dirty teenage mustache sadness. My lists are always bound to contain one or two…or three, guilty pleasures…but I mean…all these?? The majority of these were put on here not because of great songwriting or some other musical craftsmanship, but because they appealed strictly to the guy who wore one of those dog chains around his neck. I mean me, unfortunately.

The 25 Best Songs of 2004

25. Beating Heart Baby– Head Automatica
24. Somewhere Only We Know– Keane
23. Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore– Sloan
22. Creeper– Jakalope
21. Free Your Pain– The Salads
20. Somebody Told Me– The Killers
19. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)– Chevelle
18. What Makes You Think He’s Lucky?– Doctor
17. Pieces– Sum 41
16. Blue– A Perfect Circle
15. .45– Shinedown
14. Run– Snow Patrol
13. Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own– U2
12. A Favor House Atlantic– Coheed and Cambria
11. 23– Jimmy Eat World
10. Megalomaniac– Incubus
9. So Far, so Good– Thornley
8. The Reason– Hoobastank
7. Lying from You– Linkin Park
6. Afraid– The Dreaming
5. Dry your Eyes– The Streets feat. Chris Martin
4. Mr. Brightside– The Killers
3. Enjoy the Silence ’04 – Mike Shinoda
2. Time is Running Out– Muse
1. Getting Away with Murder– Papa Roach

Angst is a strange fuel. If I were to do this chart over, I’d keep The Killers for certain, Muse probably, and Thornley (loyalty to Big Wreck). The rest would not be on here at all.

The Ten Worst Songs of 2004

10. Accidents– Alexisonfire
9. Slow Hands– Interpol
8. Triple Trouble– Beastie Boys
7. Figured You Out– Nickelback
6. Leaving New York– R.E.M
5. Numb/ Encore– Jay-Z/ Linkin Park
4. Break– Gob
3. Watch your money– The Waking Eyes
2. Combat Baby– Metric
1. Heart full of black– The Burning Brides

I still say ‘Accidents’ is the weakest Alexisonfire single the band ever released, though I don’t know if I would put it in the ten worst songs of that year. Ditto with Interpol. ‘Slow Hands’ isn’t all that original, and ‘Evil’ was a way better song, but I can definitely think of songs from that year worse than Interpol’s. Hey, anyone remember JET?!

The rest I still believe are awful. Most are throwaway singles, entirely forgettable. The Jay-Z collaboration is just a cash-in. Beasties oughta be ch-ch-checked into the nearest jail for their abomination of a second single.

Author: D-Man

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