Year End Music Countdowns #8: 2009

The 25 Best songs of 2009

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The Top 50 Songs of the 1990’s

So, I kinda felt like doing this now. It’s a compilation of my personal favorites from 1990-1999.

To be honest, this list will be sacrilege to many. There’s barely any grunge, most of the big guns are missing, and overall it does not really display the true spirit of the decade.

But whatever, if you want something comprehensive (read: predictable), go see MTV or Muchmusic’s lists or something. There you will get your fix of Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Oasis/Chilis/etc. This is not to say that those bands aren’t great, or added tremendously to the tapestry of modern rock, it’s just that they’re on everyone’s lists, and I personally don’t listen to them that much.

I’m not saying that my list is in any way revolutionary or unique or OUT THERE, it’s just what I, you know, like.


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