Who The Eff I Is


Hey there…internet…people…whatever, listen, this isn’t about you for once, so let’s skip the formalities.

My name’s Dusty. Also known as D-Man, D-Money, or D-Bag. It really depends on the level of “swagger” I’m bringing at the moment.

Are you impressed with me yet? No? Here are some things about me that might change that:

– I know the capitals of all the countries…the important ones.

– I have extra teeth in the back of my mouth that no one else has.

– I am a petulant egomaniac, chatterbox, and occasionally pretentious to an insufferable degree.

As for my negative qualities, I don’t really have any negative qualities.

Do I sound like someone you wanna associate with? Contact me at:

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 3.32.29 PM

Here are other things I do:

I’m a TV reporter- basically the paragon of journalistic integrity. Watch me be sophisticated and eat pizza below.

Here are other Internet locales I frequent:

Instagram (wide assortment of my stuffs)

Twitter (for my transcendent wisdom)

Soundcloud (audio stuffs)

Flickr (my pictures of real life things)

Deviantart (more scribbles)

Tumblr (Taboola Ads)

Youtube Channel 1 (sketch comedy series)

Youtube Channel 2 (old sketch comedy)


Remember, always follow your heart. Unless your heart tells you to close the tab and never return to this site. Then listen to a different, smarter organ. Like the pancreas. Everyone underestimates the little guy.