Year End Music Countdowns #2: 2003

It was the year that I took a great liking to the heavy, drop-D tuned, power-chord distorted crunch of nu-metal. Also, I made my first “Worst Of List”. Here they are:

The 25 Best Songs of 2003

25. River Below– Billy Talent
24. The Outsider– A Perfect Circle
23. On Mercury– Red Hot Chili Peppers
22. Stupid Girl– Cold
21. Look Out Below– Closure
20. All in the Suit that You Wear– Stone Temple Pilots
19. Good Times– Finger Eleven
18. Re-Offender– Travis
17. The Bitter End– Placebo
16. Think Twice– Eve 6
15. Sleepwalking– Blindside
14. Born Too Slow– The Crystal Method
13. The Scientist– Coldplay
12. Boys of Summer– The Ataris
11. Hurt– Johnny Cash
10. Unstable– Adema
9. Numb– Linkin Park
8. Yesterday– Staind
7. Like the Sun– I Mother Earth
6. Eat You Alive– Limp Bizkit
5. Lost in the Plot– The Dears
4. Where I end and You Begin– Radiohead
3. The Noose– A Perfect Circle
2. Away from Me– Puddle of Mudd
1. Faint- Linkin Park

The Ten Worst Songs of 2003

10. Sister Surround– Soundtrack of Our Lives
9. Hardest Button to Button– The White Stripes
8. Someday– Nickelback
7. Fall back down– Rancid
6. Diamonds on the Inside– Ben Harper
5. Stars and Sons– Broken Social Scene
4. Drain the Blood– The Distillers
3. Generation Genocide– Jersey
2. Make Up your Mind– Theory of A Deadman
1. Hard Road– Sam Roberts

Now, while I would make considerable revisions to my “Best of” list if I could go backwards in time with a time machine, I’m surprised (and kind of pleased) to say that I was pretty good at choosing the most awful songs of the year, and I would not change one of them. They’re either self-indulgent (White Stripes), generic (Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman), plagiarized(Soundtrack of Our Lives), or just plain awful (Distillers), and to this day I am still wondering how the mess of a mess of a mess of “Hard Road” ever got on the radio. Oh RIGHT!!!! Can-con.

Author: D-Man

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