Year End Music Countdowns #4: 2005

2005 was a pretty good year for new rock, and there are plenty of artists that could have been on this list. City & Colour, Citizen Cope, Panic! At the Disco, Action Action, The Darkness, Fort Minor, We Are Scientists, Matt Mays, Death from Above 1979, and many more all had great tunes out in ’05, but I picked out these as my favorites:

The 25 Best Songs of 2005

25. Sound Effects and Overdramatics– The Used
24. Cocaine Cowgirl– Matt Mays & El Torpedo
23. One Way in, No Way Out– The Music
22. Dakota– Stereophonics
21. Please– Staind
20. Hollow– Submersed
19. Walking Shade– Billy Corgan
18. Bruised– Jack’s Mannequin
17. Brothers on a Hotel Bed– Death Cab for Cutie
16. Don’t Push– The Exit
15. Easy/Lucky/Free– Bright Eyes
14. Disco Sheets– Wolf Parade
13. Existentialism on Prom Night– Straylight Run
12. Act Appalled– Circa Survive
11. The Grace– Neverending White Lights
10. Villain– Hedley
9. The Ghost of You– My Chemical Romance
8. White Shadows– Coldplay
7. Jerk it Out– The Caesars
6. Attack– 30 Seconds to Mars
5. Bug Eyes– Dredg
4. Wires– Athlete
3. An Honest Mistake– The Bravery
2. Banquet– Bloc Party
1. The Hand that Feeds– Nine Inch Nails


and of course the worst…

The Ten Worst Songs of 2005

10. Wasted– Goldfinger

-The band itself sounds tired of playing music, and the song is a lesser copy of the much better ‘Counting the Days’.

9. No Surprise– Theory of a Deadman

-More boring post-grunge for the popped collar crew guys who get “Dude totaly fkn pissed” when their girlfriend leaves them for an even bigger goal-post of a human being: their best friend.

8. My Doorbell– The White Stripes

-Another simplistic child-written song from the White Stripes.

7. Lyla– Oasis

-Indulgent and unimaginative trad-rock.

6. Little Sister– Queens of the Stone Age

-Josh Homme’s drawling tone and an annoying guitar that sounds like a cat being stretched ruin what may have been a catchy song.

5. Ageless Beauty– Stars

– Whispery girl singer rips off one of the great shoegazer bands from the 90’s, Lush.

4. When the Night Feels my Song– Bedouin Soundclash

– Too folksy, too much like a campfire sing-along.

3. Oh Be Joyful– Matt Good

– Should not be considered a piece of music

2. Photograph– Nickelback

– What’s the point of this song? Is he bragging about how he was a dbag back in high school? This is for girlfriends of really dumb guys who like to make really poorly produced Windows Movie Maker slideshows of pictures of “Da Crew!” passed out on the floor up at the cottage, and this song is playing in the background.

1. Monster Hospital– Metric

-Emily Haines is really annoying, and this song sounds like a cartoon intro. The chord progression doesn’t sound good.


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