Year End Music Countdowns #1: 2002

I’ll start with the year of 2002, when I was at the tender age of grade 10, and music had just taken over my life. There was no “Worst Of” chart this year, because I hadn’t become the jaded, bitter old man I would be the next year.

Please note also that these lists reflect my favorites based on my tastes of each respective year…things change..THEY DO.

The 25 Best Songs of 2002

25. Juicy– I Mother Earth
24. Adriana– Headstrong
23. End of the Beginning– 30 Seconds to Mars
22. Parabola– Tool
21. Chop Suey!– System of a Down
20. Where have you been?– Reel Big Fish
19. The Hell Song– Sum 41
18. Alone I Break– KoRn
17. Anti-Pop– Matthew Good Band
16. Blurry– Puddle of Mudd
15. Poem– Taproot
14. Crawling– Linkin Park
13. Not Enough– Our Lady Peace
12. Downfall– TRUSTcompany
11. Weapon– Matthew Good
10. Extreme Ways– Moby
9. Prayer– Disturbed
8. Youth of the Nation– P.O.D
7. Ming Tran– Gob
6. Adrenaline– Gavin Rossdale
5. Capricorn– 30 Seconds to Mars
4. Here to Stay– Korn
3. Undercover– Pete Yorn
2. Save Yourself– Sense Field
1. PTS. OF. ATHRTY– Linkin Park feat. Jay Gordon

Author: D-Man

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