Peanuts 2000

You might have recently caught the trailer for the upcoming Peanuts movie. If not, here ya go.

A+ on the animation job, fellers. Really neat. The content itself is a little corny (the manic sidekick taking the attention away from the protagonist? Is this 1995?). That begs the question though- how are they going to make this decades-old comic relevant for millennials? Particularly since parodists such as the Simpsons, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and like a hundred people on the internet have already mined the material and spoofed most of the aspects? Continue reading “Peanuts 2000”

Thursday Thinkpiece: Happy Kony Day!

Share a Link, Save the World:

Armchair Activism and What We Learned from Kony 2012


A video of a cat falling off a table, and a campaign aimed to take down a child kidnapping despot in Africa. At first glance the two seem incongruous. The former is a joke, meant to be digested and forgotten in the span of a few minutes. The latter, on the other hand, is a pressing matter that concerns a social issue happening in real time. In fact though, the general public invests the same amount of interest in both, each having a shelf life of approximately one week. Less if the Leafs are having a good run. (Pause for wild laughter.)

Internet friends, I’m here today to talk to you about a social phenomenon called armchair activism, or in more hip terms, slacktivism. It’s a trend that’s been around for ages in various forms. Signing a petition form, but using a fake name or phone number so they can’t bug you further. Dropping thirty-six cents of loose change into a vagrant’s empty coffee cup. It’s a well-meaning intention, but ultimately does very little to change the larger picture. There’s no accountability, just the feeling of being a part of something.

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hey wat up bro lol


yeeeeah bro so pumped for the weekend goin up to the cottage with the buds gonna get maaad greasy bro. even greasier than last weekend bro even tho i can’t even member last weekend LMAO. gonna merc that 90 bro got like six 2-4’s ready n then a keg for some sick tricks later bro. gonna blast some macklemore and avicii, there songs are so tight bro. sound so good on the speakers in my whip, bb’s gotta nice engine. she’s a beautyyy. dunno who i love more my whip or my girl LMAO. jk 😉 Continue reading “hey wat up bro lol”

Please Welcome the 2014 Millennial Couple



Modern urban life, am I right guys? So complex and difficult for us 20-somethings! Modern careers, modern romance, modern entertainment, it’s all so different and unique like us. I can’t even decide which show I’m going to binge watch tonight- Girls or New Girl. Both of those shows just GET how I live. I guess it depends on how quirky and/or whimsical I feel. Maybe I’ll ask on Facebook or Twitter. Oh man Brendan just posted an animated .gif of a cat with text over it saying “I can’t even”. Continue reading “Please Welcome the 2014 Millennial Couple”