hey wat up bro lol


yeeeeah bro so pumped for the weekend goin up to the cottage with the buds gonna get maaad greasy bro. even greasier than last weekend bro even tho i can’t even member last weekend LMAO. gonna merc that 90 bro got like six 2-4’s ready n then a keg for some sick tricks later bro. gonna blast some macklemore and avicii, there songs are so tight bro. sound so good on the speakers in my whip, bb’s gotta nice engine. she’s a beautyyy. dunno who i love more my whip or my girl LMAO. jk 😉

so fired upp to c my girl she comin to the cottage too. we gonna get r dun LOL. did u see my girl in my pic on insta bro? was us in the club washroom last week, she took a pic of us in the miror with MY iphone LMAO. LOL n there was some creeper in the back peeping us like wtf y r u in the washrrom? music at the club was maaad dece tho bro. EDM remixes of katy perry n rihanna yaaaa they are hot. the girls and the songs bro LMAO.

my girl not really feeling it tho, she more into the country like mumford and jason alddeen. probably gonna make me listen to that in the whip. o that reminds me gotta pick up some stuff b4 we reach the cottage bro. gotta get some bacon oh ya BACON and some solo cups and a charger for my phone LOL ya i lost my charger again.

gonna need it cuz my girl wanna watch shows at the cottage like her kardashians and real housewives and teen mom. me and the buds r gonna be playing call of duty on the tv so she can watch those on the phone LMAO that awkward moment when u make your girl watch shows on the phone cuz ur using the tv for xbox!! if she complain, i tell her to go make me a bacon sandwich LMAO LOL LOL.

JK bb later we can watch duck dynasty and big bang theory, see i am romantic LMAO. I shud probly stop trolling cuz my gf will be mad n then i’ll be forever alone LOL. n e way bro i gotta get to hockey practice with the buds, gonna be the next gretsky man. you know wat they say, put 100 percent in the pain so you have the gain in the future. #motivation #yolo #bro

bro 2









Author: D-Man

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