Peanuts 2000

You might have recently caught the trailer for the upcoming Peanuts movie. If not, here ya go.

A+ on the animation job, fellers. Really neat. The content itself is a little corny (the manic sidekick taking the attention away from the protagonist? Is this 1995?). That begs the question though- how are they going to make this decades-old comic relevant for millennials? Particularly since parodists such as the Simpsons, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and like a hundred people on the internet have already mined the material and spoofed most of the aspects?


Is it going to take place in the 1950’s? Or is it going to be filled with social media, dubstep, and blueteeth? Does Peanuts even translate to the 21st century? All they really did in the old strips was play baseball, football, and mope. If they do another “gang vs. evil corporation” storyline I’m gonna barf, because that’s basically every kids’ movie ever. Ironic that Hollywood pushes that angle so hard, huh?

I probably sound overly critical of this, especially since no major details have been released, but the whole nostalgia adaptation craze is going a little overboard. Some properties just don’t translate to modern times. I’m also a little protective of the source material- Charlie Brown was the original animated sad-sack, after all. We’ve had some beef in the past, but there’s a begrudging respect there.


Author: D-Man

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