Graphic Novel Review: Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life, Vol. 1 & 2

Collecting the entirety of Kit Roebuck‘s webcomic into two print novels, Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life mostly works as a tangible product. That said, it does lose a bit of lustre without the infinite canvas it was originally projected on, and some of the comic’s faults are much more noticeable in this more traditional form. 

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Five Pieces of Media that Shaped Me

A difficult year filled with loss, injury, false hope and wasted time have caused my gratitude levels to surge approximately 5000% for the ever-decreasing amount of good things in my life. Trust me- there are few people who are more thankful for their family, job, and safety than I am this Thanksgiving.

I’ve had a spate of overnight shifts lately, and there’s little to do in the darkest hours of the morning other than think. A lot of this thinking has revolved around how I’ve gotten to the point I am in my life, for better and for worse. I’ve been examining my choices and decisions, as well as the external factors that have shaped me into who I am today. External factors like the media I’ve consumed over the course of my many years, in all its different forms.

It’s challenging to parse through the many avenues that pop culture has been delivered to me, and even more challenging trying to figure out what I enjoyed on a base level and what affected me to the core. Which narratives are indelibly embedded into my consciousness, and which ones were just good for two hours of fun? Which music actually mattered in the long run?

Typically when I write about and criticize media I approach it in the most objective way I can. Here it’s the exact opposite, literally. I didn’t consider these pieces of media in terms of how good they were, but simply how they fit into the larger context of my life and how important they were to me. If you’re looking for long thinkpieces about the cultural significance of the following, I’m sure the internet has many. I’m not trying to convince you that any of these are good. Here you will only find short stories of why these things are ensconced within my being. These are five pieces of media that I’m very grateful for.

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Graphic Novel Review: Fante Bukowski 2

Noah Van Sciver‘s sequel improves upon the original in every way, although it does make that first volume feel even slighter in retrospect. With fuller characters, a more complex narrative arc and an increased dose of humor, Fante Bukowski 2 is a much more satisfying read than its predecessor. 

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