Halfway Report August 2018

To pretend that the music industry was ever some sort of hallowed institution which sought out and nurtured genuine talent is to participate in the grand championship of nostalgic gymnastics. You’re wearing blinders and rose-coloured glasses at the same time. Manufactured stars date back to the nascent days of the Great American Songbook, and countless works of both fiction and nonfiction have covered the unapologetically avaricious nature of the almighty record executives.

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Wrap-Up Report July 2018

point one: this is very late.

point two: this is very salty, even for me.

i had to scrap the format of good and bad songs because it was a very very dry second half of july. there is only one OK entry in the following post, and it’s for a song i’ve already talked about.

yes, that means what you think it means. there has not been one single good song released in almost a month. if you are looking for recommendations here you will mostly find songs i recommend you avoid. ok, saltiness commence.

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