Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr. #5

This is Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr., where every week we ask everyone’s favourite slacker millionaire doofus a series of questions and see what his valuable insights are.

Q: When would you prefer to spend time with a significant other?
A: 5:35pm – – 11:05pm Tues, Thurs, Sat

Q: Have you ever yelled at the TV while watching a sporting event?
A: Ya I was like “TV! STOP SHOWING SOCCER AND TURN ON SOMETHING INTERESTING!” But I don’t have one of those smart voice recognition TVs.

Q: Do you think really abstract art – like just splattered paint – can be truly brilliant?
A: No, the paint should be splattered in a way so that it looks like a real thing in real life and not just paint.

Q: Do you ever get inspired to make something creative for no reason in particular?
A: Pizza burgers.

Q: Does netspeak (e.g., afk, brb, How RU?, lol, rotfl, ttyl, etc.) bother you?
A: No….but Norwegian does.

Q: Have you ever been to an all night dance party?
 A: Yeah then I fell asleep in the middle of the floor and everyone had to dance around me.

Q: What kind of shape are you in?
A: A parallelogram.

Q: Is there anything that science will never be able to explain?
Yes…who let the dogs out.

Q: Are you squeamish about sharing food or beverages with the person you’re dating?
 A: No….whenever I meet someone I usually offer them whatever I’m eating.

Q: Have you ever drawn your own comic?
A: Yeah, I called it Berfield, it was about a cat who hated Tuesdays and loved panzerotti. Then… the lawsuit.

Author: D-Man

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