Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr. #2

This is Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr., where every week we ask everyone’s favourite slacker millionaire doofus a series of questions and see what his valuable insights are.

Q: Have you ever been married?
A: No but I did DJ a wedding once and then I played Alien Ant Farm and everybody left the dance floor.

Q: Do you consider the act of leaving cigarette butts on the ground to be littering?
 A: No because they are just planting cigarette trees.

Q: Should bike helmets be mandatory?
A: k so you have to wear a helmet when you ride a bike (very easy baby level vehicle)?? but you go on a VIOLENT roller coaster and everyone laughs that i wear a helmet wow good logic people. #rude

Q: Do you think you have ESP at all?
A: I don’t think so, unless I caught it from someone on the subway. I do feel a little nauseous now that I think about it. Is it contagious?

Q: Do you ever wonder about humanity beyond your lifetime?
A: Sorry to say humanity is not gonna survive beyond my lifetime cuz everybody is gonna be so sad that they are gonna die of crying for me.

Q: Do wild places such as mountains, rivers and forests call out to you?
 A: Yes the Sasquatches somehow got my number and they keep prank calling all the time.

Q: If you dropped a piece of solid food on the floor, might you pick it up and eat it?
 A: I’m not just gonna leave a delicious half stick of butter lying on the floor. 5 second rule extended.

Q: If all of the professional sports leagues in the world ceased to exist, would you be upset?
 A: Only one I would miss is the IWPA (International Water Polo Association). I like the swimming horses.

Q: Are you a genius?
 A: Oh no all these algebra textbooks on my shelf are just for show.

Q: Would you ever return food at a restaurant?
A: Yes ugh come on Mcdonald’s that’s the third time my Mcflurry has had a considerable amount of blood in it and I specifically asked for no blood. 

Author: D-Man

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