Ten Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But That’s Okay

our world has a lot of animals. there are the normal animals that everyone knows like the dog and the cat and worm. then there are the mysterious animals that you never hear about. some of them are really cool and do crazy things like change colour or run really fast or fly. some of them look really crazy like aliens! and some of them are not impressive, they are actually kind of boring in fact. its just like why. here are a whole bunch of animals you probably did not know existed, but thats alright because they arent really that cool.

great tinamou– this is not that great at all, just a regular bird. there are lots of birds in the world that look cooler than this, even in canada. its just a dove and a turkey mixed together…i dont get why its so great.

babirusa– ok, so it lives in the jungle and it’s like a pig but it’s old and wrinkly.

mara– some sort of rabbit donkey that sits on the rocks.

siamang– a monkey who has a dorky hairdo, i dont like it, i can go to supercuts and get a better haircut than that.

serval– imagine a small cheetah, but it’s not super fast, and it has bigger ears. how is that cool. i have seen cooler animals than this even in canada.

zorilla– fancy skunk. its like in those computer games where you can download alternate designs for your character. this is a DLC skunk you can only get in africa.

tapir– i dunno, like an elephant but none of the fun parts. no tusks, no big ears, no long trunk, not big. it is a little furry as well but that is not THAT cool. there are lots of furry animals in canada.

anoa– this is just a cow pretending to be a goat.

maned wolf– ok so like a dog but with long legs. wow. i have long legs too,

spectacled bear– if you can’t afford a panda you can get this knockoff panda for half price. like a bootleg panda that almost infringes on copyright.

elephant shark– literally just an elephant and a shark put together. wow so innovative nature. not!!!

Author: D-Man

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