Writing Prompt: High School Dilemma

Premise: Just teenagers being teenagers, millennial style.

[Two girls in a high school hallway are walking when they see a guy up ahead. One girl holds out her arm to stop the other from going forward.]

Abby: OMG it’s Brad, we can’t walk past him. AmandaAmandaAmanda!
Amanda: I thought you two were like, going out?
Abby: We are, but I sent him a text like –five– minutes ago and he didn’t text back, so I have to like, avoid him until he does.
Amanda: Totally get what you’re saying. So what do we like, do?
Abby: Let’s walk the other way.

[The girls walk in reverse until they reach Brad again from the other direction.]

Amanda: Did you get a text yet?
Abby: No. Let’s walk by him. But don’t say anything!

The girls walk quickly by Brad, who doesn’t notice them.

Abby: He didn’t even look, like honestly who does that.
Amanda: You should Google this maybe there’s something wrong with him.
Abby: OK

[Abby types on her phone.]

Abby: “What does it mean when a guy doesn’t return your text”….Ok, found some answers! Dubstepguy420 says “he likes u lol”. But Dubstepguy69 says “he thinks ur clingy. skrillex rocks!!”
Amanda: Guys on the internet are like so smart that is actually like great advice.
Abby: OK so let’s like, wait two minutes so I don’t look clingy.

[The girls stand awkwardly in the middle of the hall. Abby gets a text.]

Abby: OMG it’s probably Brad saying sorry oh he’s so cute I love him so much.

[Abby looks at her phone.]

Abby: Screw OFF Bell I don’t want a special deal for valued customers you stupid company.
Amanda: Ya stupid Bell!
Abby: I miss Brad like actually so much.
Amanda: Ya you two are so cute together. Here, let me look at your texts to see why he didn’t reply.
Abby: Whoa, “reply“. Look at you Mrs. Shakespeare with the fancy words.
Amanda: I know I’m like such a dork.

[Amanda looks at Abby‘s phone.]

Amanda: Hey, it says here, error: message not sent. Brad never got your message that said ” heyyyyyyyyy”.
Abby: OMG I am such an idiot. Let’s go talk to Brad.
Amanda: Ya I’m glad this is all over, I hate drama.

[The two girls start to walk back to Brad but then Abby stops them again.]

Abby: But wait…. why hasn’t Brad texted me to see why I haven’t texted him for ten minutes?
Amanda: Ya that’s sketch. You could have been like dead or something.
Abby: It’s like he doesn’t even care about me!

[The girls gang up on Brad, yelling.]

Abby: We’re done! Like I can’t even deal with you. I can’t even. We’re done!
Amanda: Loser! Jerk! Loser! Loser!

[Abby starts crying and runs off. Brad looks into the distance, perplexed.]

Brad: I guess we’re not going to see The Smurfs tonight?
Amanda: OMG I love those movies. I can go if you want.
Brad: Alright, cool. I just wish i could find my phone.
Amanda: Oh here it’s in my purse. You dropped it this morning so I kept it safe for you. Pick me up at 7:00?

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