Writing Prompt: Cop Pulls Over Millennials

Premise: A police officer pulls over a car of millennials who don’t understand the concept of driving normally.

[Officer walks up to car window]

Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

Brad: Yeah, like a million miles an hour!

Officer:that’s illegal.

Brad: No but my buddy told me to do it! Dude, tell him. You told me to do it.

Dylan: Ya man I told him to, we’re wheeling these chicks in the back here.

Abby: omg you’re wheeling us!

Amanda: wow haha i like totally knew that.

Abby: that’s so hot.

Officer: did you know speeding causes the majority of accidents on the road?

Brad: Ya like flipping over through the air man that would be insane.

Officer: It would be insane when you would be a burning wreck.

Dylan: That would be siiiick.

Abby: OMG like so hot.

Amanda: Literally.

Brad: Officer have you seen Fast and Furious? Flipping cars are so clutch.

Abby: OMG Vin Diesel is so hot.

Amanda: I bet he’s so jacked cuz he drives so fast.

Officer: Please step out of the car and say the alphabet.

Brad: OK well like, there’s A. Obviously. Then B. Then there’s basically C and E, and F.

Officer: What about D?

Brad: The D?

Officer: You forgot the D.

Brad: You want the D? This officer wants the D! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Officer: I’m taking you back to the station.

Brad: Yo I’m in the middle of a date guy. Can my bitties come too?

Abby: Yeah officer can we come?

Officer: I suppose you could be accessories to the crime…

Amanda: OMG this is gonna be so chill

Dylan: Yo call up the rest of the squad, party at the po po station!

Author: D-Man

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