5 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Millennial

5. Learn More Math.


The 80’s and 90’s were filled with PSA’s and programming promoting literacy. An important trait for sure, and one that should continue to be nurtured. Be selective about what you’re reading though; the written world is just as fraught with pitfalls as any of the other media spheres. Literature isn’t immune to hacks. A Buzzfeed listicle doesn’t really count, and Divergent barely moreso. Read more non-fiction, more hard news with less opinion and speculation and just FACTS. You know what’s unbiased and strictly facts? MATH.

Millennials, take up a habit of doing numerical problems. Every day challenge your brain  with a little trigonometry, algebra, calculus, and others in that family. It wards off brain deterioration and also turns you into an analytical, practical genius…so…win-win.

4. Have a Hobby.

So few millennials regularly practice any sort of art or craft, something with a tangible result. Something that they can brag about and update people on and eventually suddenly become an expert on. Something you can develop over the years and keep you occupied when you are older. So find something and start doing it TODAY. This will reduce wasted time. What else are you going to do in your spare time? Drink and do nothing? Sit around watching television on your iPad?

3. Be Kind To People Who Serve You.


There are a few things that I should not even be writing that you should be doing because it’s basic human instinct. Holding the door open for everyone, assisting people with heavy items, not getting in pedestrians’ ways- these are a given.

You should be extra courteous, however, to people who perform some kind of service for you. The wait staff at a restaurant, the bank teller, the bus driver, and retail staff. These people have to deal with hundreds of customers/clients a day and are treated terribly by the vast majority of them. Take the time to smile, thank them, and tip them where necessary. They literally deserve it.

2. Eat Less.


It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. This is not a call for weight loss, this is a call for reducing our bloated food industry. Do you know how much food gets wasted by North America every day? It’s like ten trillion pounds or something ridiculous like that. Don’t buy so much food. When you’re out, you don’t have to eat. Humans can go for a pretty long time without food and it’s not an astronomical feat to go without a meal for the day. Have a snack in your pocket or fanny pack on hand but don’t go to Chipotle or KFC or any of those. Here is a good example of how this benefits you:

You’re heading home after a long day. It’s about a twenty minute walk to the bus station from where you are. You’re kind of hungry, and to your right is a fast food joint. You could go in, buy a meal, and fill your gut. But you’d miss your bus- unless you take the subway or a cab. If you don’t go in, here are your gains:

– You save money on the meal
– You save money on public transport
– You don’t gain calories from the burger, fries, and soft drink
– You LOSE calories by walking to the bus station

And the only loss is you don’t get that temporary satisfaction! Which you can get when you come home anyway! It’s a quad win.

1. Say No to Yourself.


Just have some self-control once in a while you maniac! You don’t have to be YOLO-ing nonstop. Stay in on Friday night (or at least don’t stay out until 3:00 AM). Don’t impulse shop. Don’t eat because you’re bored. Don’t binge watch ANOTHER episode of NCIS. Don’t get maaaaad wasted. Our society is so hysterically obsessed with teaching millennials the idea of indulging yourself and saying yes to all your desires and it makes one want to retch. Think of anything you do that’s “fun” and cut back on that. “Oh, but I’m young and I want to live life!”. So do the kids in Syria.

After you do all these, come back and you are allowed to read the next sentence. If not, DO NOT read the next sentence or I will tell on you.


Congrats, you are now a good millennial!

Author: D-Man

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