Year End Music Countdowns #5: 2006

2006 wasn’t all that great for new rock, but all in all it was decent. Here were my picks of that year:

The 25 Best Songs of 2006

25. Why Do I Keep Counting?– The Killers
24. Empire– Kasabian
23. Coming Home– City & Colour
22. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt– We Are Scientists
21. The Crane Wife, Pt. 3– The Decemberists
20. The Adventure– Angels & Airwaves
19. You Can’t Be Missed If You Never Go Away– Cobra Starship
18. Woman– Wolfmother
17. Coming Undone– KoRn
16. KimDracula– Deftones
15. Cold (But I’m Still Here)– Evans Blue
14. Running Up that Hill– Placebo
13. Map of the Problematique– Muse
12. Atlantic– Thrice
11. Jesus Christ– Brand New
10. Over and Over– Three Days Grace
9. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor– The Arctic Monkeys
8. Afterglow– INXS
7. Boiled Frogs– Alexisonfire
6. Special– Mew
5. Young Shields– Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
4. Munich– Editors
3. No It Isn’t– (+44)
2. Bones– The Killers
1. Out of My Head– Mobile


I Highly do not Recommend the following songs:

The Ten Worst Songs of 2006

10. Original Fire– Audioslave

-You know those commercials for Harley Davidson motorcycles? This sounds like an extended mix of one of those. It’s just a really dumb, third-rate single that heralded the end of Audioslave.

9. Upside Down– Jack Johnson

– This was on the soundtrack for “Curious George”, (the monkey movie, not the adult film). Why this song was ever played on mainstream rock radio is beyond me. Only three year olds should listen to this before they play with like Barbies or something.

8. No Way Back– Foo Fighters

-Definition: No Way Back is the requisite “third Foo Fighters single”, which means something that will keep Foo Fighters on the radio until the next album comes out.

7. If I were you– Hoobastank

-Hoobastank are the band literally made for Sprite or Gatorade or Halo commercials. They’re like the pop version of Incubus. This song was their attempt to retry The Reason. This time they failed miserably. They tried to cover up their awful ploy by saying that people didn’t “get” the xylophone part. No, we didn’t “get” your stupid song.

6. Better Way– Ben Harper

– I’ve never liked Ben Harper, he’s a really vanilla artist. I know that’s ironic, but the point is that his songs are just so unmemorable. I don’t even remember how this one sounded like, but I know I couldn’t stand it.

5. Lonely Day– System of a Down

-This song has such stupid lyrics, it’s like it’s for really challenged emo’s. Or maybe this is what metalheads listen to when they’re sad because the nails in their heads got rusted or something.

4. Gyasi went home– Bedouin Soundclash

– This song has no tune, none. I keep trying to remember it but I just think of other Bedouin songs. It is a Cancon success.

3. The Pot– Tool

– I never really got Tool, not one bit. They just keep jamming and jamming and then….jamming. Why would you listen to the same ham-fisted riff over and over? They have some great stuff, but this is not it, no way. This is just prog-noodling to the extreme. They just like, play one part, and then they play it 5 more times in different keys. And it’s just a mess.

2. Life Wasted– Pearl Jam

– This song sounds EXACTLY like the single before it, Worldwide Suicide. It’s funny that Vedder sings “My life’s wasted!” because he did waste his life…on this song.

1. 7/4 Shoreline– Broken Social Scene

-Here’s another band I won’t ever get the appeal of. It all sounds the same to me. You know, when you listen to this you think of the “home-made” sets and the band goofing off onstage being all non-serious. The singer is probably doing the rag-doll dance. There’s probably like, kids drawings everywhere in the venue. Anyway, my point is, this song is pretentious and it sounds like Broken Social Scene.

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