Year End Music Countdowns #6: 2007

I don’t know how I didn’t realize this when it was happening, but last year was AWESOME when it came to new rock. This leads me to the theory that awesome music comes out on odd years.

Anyway, here are the best of last year:

The 25 Best Songs of 2007

25. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl– Good Charlotte
24. Say (All I Need)– Onerepublic
23. Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart– Against Me!
22. Guest Room– The National
21. Wrecking Ball– Interpol
20. Machines– Biffy Clyro
19. Take Me to the Riot– Stars
18. The (After) Life of the Party– Fall Out Boy
17. The Unwinding Cable Car– Anberlin
16. Convenience– Half Past Forever
15. Cowgirl in the Sand– City & Colour
14. Make this Go On Forever– Snow Patrol
13. Rusted Wheel– Silversun Pickups
12. According to Plan– I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
11. Always– Neverending White Lights
10. Let it Happen– Jimmy Eat World
9. Connect the Dots– The Spill Canvas
8. My Body is a Cage– Arcade Fire
7. Florida– Modest Mouse
6. Sweet Talk– The Killers
5. Deaf Ears– The Hourly Radio
4. In Pieces– Linkin Park
3. Weight of the World– Editors
2. I Need You– Relient K
1. Dismantle/Repair– Anberlin


Last year wasn’t even so bad for rock either. I had to branch out into other genres to find perpetrators of terrible music. Here they are:

The Ten Worst Songs of 2007

10. Outside the City– Young Galaxy

– This band is trying way too hard to be the band Stars, with the whole girl/guy singer thing, also with their name, and the fact they’re on the same label. This song is really boring and entirely forgettable.

9. Bubbly– Colbie Caillat

– This is total suck. It’s a rip off of Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day”, only that was funny because it was over the top, hit you over the head cheesy, so you can sing it with your friends to make fun of it. This girl’s song is just plain terrible, who crinkles their nose anymore, that’s so annoying.

8. Eulogy– The Flatliners

– This song sounds like the other Toronto band, Hostage Life. I don’t even remember how it goes, but I know that The Flatliners later had another single which was not at all like this one, and instead was more reggae-ish because they’re unimaginative and are following trends.

7. Thrash Unreal– Against Me!

– Ok, in the band’s defense, the song itself is alright. It’s just way too long. At the halfway mark you kinda want to smash the radio because the vocals get really annoying and it’s a very repetitive song. However I do like the hook and it’s catchy and stuff. Plus I like the band’s other stuff.

6. True Romance– She Wants Revenge

– This is the biggest CHEESE ever. They’re trying to be all serious but they use some stupid dorky keyboard at the beginning, and then they rip off Depeche Mode hardcore, but it’s a terrible sequel to Personal Jesus

5. Underclass Hero– Sum 41

– Without Brownsound they pretty much can’t write good riffs anymore, because he did all the best guitar work. So they just mix and match a whole bunch of old choruses from their past hits together and make this bad song.

4. Sick Sick Sick– Queens of the Stone Age

– This song gives me really bad migraines, it’s like a nightmare that won’t end and you want to throw up because it’s so so bad. It chugs along like some terrible train. How can a band write such good songs like Make it Wit Chu and on the same album have a travesty like this?

3. Girlfriend– Avril Lavigne

-She’s such a grimy, lazy, untalented singer.

2. 1,2,3,4– Feist

– I hate her voice a lot, it’s so breathy and insubstantial. Plus she sounds like lite jazz and jamming, which I can’t stand. And she’s a hypocrite, because she’s all like “look at me I’m indie” but at the same time sells herself out to Apple. Make up your mind, Feist!!!

1. Icky Thump– The White Stripes

-This is like a horrible Frankenstein of music, it’s like 10 songs in one and none of them make sense. They are tied together by some screeching instrument that I don’t even know what it is. It’s just an ultimate trainwreck disaster, I really don’t like it at all.

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