Solo Was Self-Sabotaged

All the pundits be punding about Solo, the latest film in the Star Wars franchise, and they’re being willfully obtuse regarding its underwhelming performance at the box office. “How could this be!?”, they exclaim, speculating about all the different reasons it ONLY got $100 MILLION DOLLARS on the weekend.

Give me a break. Has everyone taken a stupid pill? The film had troubled production, they replaced the directors, star Alden Ehrenreich needed acting classes on set because he wasn’t delivering, and there were massive script rewrites.

So, if you were paying attention at all, Disney PURPOSELY moved Solo from its original December 2018 release date to a May one ensuring it would be buried and they could recoup the losses by using Marvel‘s Infinity War as an umbrella. Why else would they possibly release two major tentpole movies- targeting the same demographic, no less- within a month? They’re a multi-billion dollar corporation; they have multiple divisions with contingency plans regarding potentially unprofitable movies.

None of this is a secret, it’s been reported on film outlets for the past two years. Even those with little to no interest in the Star Wars saga like myself have been able to keep up with the drama due to the daily inundation of all things Force-related (seriously- can you think of the last time you got through a day without seeing some kind of Star Wars reference?)

So all this disingenuous hemming and hawing and chin stroking is supremely silly. Disney did not reschedule this film because it was facing competition from the new Mary Poppins. They rescheduled it because they did knew they had a risky proposition on their hands and they wanted it out of the way. In fact, it did better than expected critically and only slightly underperformed commercially. The upcoming week’s light release schedule should give it some more cushion as well. This movie is hardly the death knell the experts are proclaiming it to be, especially since it was all planned in advance. The force is still with Disney after all.

Author: D-Man

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