Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr. #4

This is Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr., where every week we ask everyone’s favourite slacker millionaire doofus a series of questions and see what his valuable insights are.

Q: You’re riding along in a friend’s car when he or she throws some trash out the window. How might you react?
A: Throw them out the window.

Q: Do you stop to enjoy simple things in nature?
A: I stared at a worm for 45 minutes today.

Q: Are you comfortable eating with chopsticks?
A: They’re pointy sticks….you jab them into something and then put it in your mouth….duh.

Q: If you’re wrong, do you have a hard time apologizing?
A: I am only wrong like 10% of the time and in those cases it’s due to common misconceptions so no apologies.

Q: Do you know what the golden spiral is?
A: Yeah man it’s when my buddies are drunk and they pee everywhere LMAO.

Q: Have you made plans to survive a natural or man-made disaster where you live?
 A: Well my dad has the emergency money vault, and I’ve got a stick to fight off mobs or evil animals, but that’s it.

Q: As a general rule, do you think glasses make a person look smarter?
A: Yeah before I put these glasses on I couldn’t do math or science and now I still can’t but people still come up to me and ask me math and science all the time.

Q: Is there something you do that you are one of the best in the world at?
Yes, being me. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ??But actually, throwing action figures on the roof.

Q: Do you purchase and wear second hand/vintage clothes?
 A: Yeah, sometimes my butler Phillipe will buy me last season’s clothes and I wear them as a “poor people” costume LMAOoooo.

Q: Which Olympic Games do you most prefer to watch?
A: I don’t, I boycotted them because they refused to make motorcycle soccer a real event. I had to rent out an arena and hold it myself. Absolutely unfair.

Author: D-Man

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