Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr. #3

This is Ten Quick Q’s with Chet Everton Jr., where every week we ask everyone’s favourite slacker millionaire doofus a series of questions and see what his valuable insights are.

Q: Do you have any tattoos?
A: Just one…”Property of Dad”…he said it’s just so I always remember who’s boss.

Q: Would speaking in front of a large group make you nervous?
 A: No. Unless it was a large group of terrorists, then yes.

Q: Have you ever used a fake ID to do or acquire something you were legally barred from as a result of your age?
A: Yes…ball pit at McDonald’s.

Q: A photographer approaches you on the street and asks to take your picture. What do you do?
Well depends if I’m wearing clothes or not. I don’t want to end up on some “nudie” website!

Q: Would you say you have a green thumb?
A: No I have a black thumb…I stuck it in the electrical socket.

Q: Have you ever purchased a math textbook purely for your own enjoyment?
 A: Yeah I used it as a sled. Very enjoyable.

Q: Would you consider dating a psychiatrist?
 A: No because then she would use her power to find out all my secrets.

Q: If while visiting a friend’s house, you notice a painting hanging slightly off kilter. Do you adjust it?
No cuz maybe they’re conveying a sense of whimsy and want it that way.

Q: What’s the worst thing you got into trouble for in elementary school?
 A: Nearly caught for embezzlement in grade 5 but managed to squeak out of it.

Q: How often do you send greeting cards for holidays and birthdays?
A: Every day. I lost all my friends due to my constant barrage of year-round Christmas cards.

Author: D-Man

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