Writing Prompt: Golf Course

Premise: Two golfers playing a game out on the green.

Peterson launches a ball far off into the distance.

Peterson: [looking at the horizon] …aaaaaaand that’s another goal!

Metzger: I don’t get it Peterson. You get hit by a bus, and the next day you’re back out on the course. What’s your secret?

Peterson: Wanna know my secret? It’s Nopaine.

[holds up bottle of pills]

Metzger: Nopaine?

Peterson: My doctor prescribed it. I just have to take four of these every fifteen minutes and I’m good to go!

Metzger: Wow! But will it cure my crippling emotional pain?

Peterson: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Nope.

[Peterson and Metzger stand uncomfortably]

Voiceover: NoPaine. Stay medicated.

Author: D-Man

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