Concert Review: K.I.D @ Mod Club

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As the lines between music genres become increasingly blurred, a larger amount of artists are losing their apprehension about dabbling in different styles. Mississauga’s K.I.D are a perfect example of this magpie approach to music, and this past Monday night at the Mod Club was a good taste of their non-traditional sound.

Members Kara Lane and Bobby Lo are part of the first wave of millennial acts unrestricted by a certain era. They draw freely from the sounds of every bygone era; they’re the quintessential act for a demographic raised on YouTube and Spotify. There’s bits of rock, pop, electronic and R&B in their eclectic music which makes them both difficult to categorize and strikingly fascinating. As they took the stage they captivated the audience, jumping from the shadowy, mysterious “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette” to the fierce punk of “Taker”- all while opening for CupcakKe, a rapper from Chicago.

Their mannerisms and stage presence are equally unique. Lo rolls his eyes constantly as he plays the keyboard, and both he and Lane are unabashedly unreserved about formerly taboo topics like anxiety and self-love. They’re a band birthed from the unfiltered internet, and this casual art-school attitude is also evidenced in their aesthetic.

Over the course of the night the three background screens indicated the pair’s taste in art; they seem to have a healthy appreciation for poor CGI, early internet graphics and thrift store chic. It’s ironically gaudy and the passionate crowd loved every moment of it.

They finished their set with the bubblegum pop of “Boy”, a new song from their just-released Poster Child EP, leaving the audience in a positively ecstatic mood. One thing’s for certain- these K.I.Ds are h.i.p.