Writing Prompt: Face Wash Commercial Parody

Premise: Two bffs sell face wash but it turns out the friendship is a little one-sided.

Stacy: Hi I’m Tracy and this is Stacy
Tracy: NO silly, I’M Tracy and you’re Stacy! (both laugh)
Stacy: We’ve known each other since the third grade
Tracy: Second grade.
Stacy: Second grade.
Tracy: And we’re pretty much best friends
[Stacy shakes her head “no”)
Tracy: I do everything just like Stacy. I eat the same food, wear the same clothes, and when it comes to taking care of my skin-
Stacy: I trust Clear & Clean to get the job done. (close up on clear and clean tube)
Tracy: Oh did you switch brands? I thought we were still using this one? (holds up Russian knockoff tube)
Stacy: No that one burns my skin, and it smells like an old shoe factory.
Tracy: That’s because it uses only natural ingredients like aloe, cabbage leaves, and potato extract.
Stacy: You might as well just open the fridge and cover your face with dinner!
Tracy: At least I’m not putting chemicals all over my skin.
Stacy: Clear & Clean uses natural ingredients too!
Tracy: Such as?
Stacy: Deoxymethylfluoride. Nitropropynol.
Tracy: Oh, let me just go to the deoxymethylfluoride tree, pick some deoxymethylfluoride berries. Give me a break, those are literally the ingredients for motor oil.
Stacy: Whatever, it makes me look great and gets me invited to parties.
Tracy: What parties?
Stacy: Oh…nevermind
Tracy: You’re going to a party and you didn’t tell me!
Stacy: It’s popular kids only.
Tracy: But I’m popular! I’m just like you!
Stacy: No…you’re not. (addresses audience) So if you want to look your best, use Clear & Clean and be in control. (leaves)
(Tracy glares)
In kitchen, Tracy replaces mayonnaise label with Clear & Clean one.

(Later, at the party)

Popular jock: Stacy you smell delicious. Wanna dance?

Author: D-Man

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