A Comprehensive Collection Of The Dreamworks Face

I’m fairly certain the office motto at Dreamworks Studios is: Quantity, Not Quality! These guys pump out movies like the Duggar woman pumps out babies. They don’t have time to develop silly things like unique characters with individual personalities! Audiences will have to like them based on their hip attitude, represented by the ever present Dreamworks Face.

This isn’t some mind-blowing discovery I made last night while studying the Declaration of Independence. The Dreamworks Face has been well-documented by others for years now: it’s that crooked half-smiling, occasionally snarky expression which just screams irreverence. DID I MENTION THE RAISED EYEBROW??

It’s this fact that makes this even more depressing. You’d think the studio would switch it up a little now that they’ve been caught. Sometimes it seems like they have! How to Train Your Dragon had no Dreamworks Faces in the promotional materials, and neither did Rise of the Guardians.

…But then they throw out shovelware like Turbo, Penguins of Madagascar and the upcoming Home and the Dreamworks Face is out in full force, almost to the point of parody.

Below I have put together a compendium of Dreamworks Faces from nearly every one of their animated films. Here they are, in varying degrees of sardonicism.


WTF DREAMWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the most Dreamsworkiest Dreamworks Face there ever was!! Tied with Bee Movie and Over the Hedge for first place. And this is from 2015. Of course the movie does star Rihanna so I don’t think they’re taking its success very seriously.

You know, doing this “research” I realized two things:

– I feel kinda bad criticizing the animators’ hard work. Looking at the pictures in high resolution made me realize how much effort goes into the textures and modelling. A pox upon whoever forces them to cram “the face” into their work.

– As aforementioned, How to Train Your Dragon didn’t have any Dreamworks Faces in the posters or banners online. There was this:


Which seems like it might be an acknowledgement of the meme! Hooray for meta humor.

Except not, because a few years later…



Update March 2017: Back at it again with the eyebrow

Author: D-Man

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1 year ago

Moses having a dreamwork face seems far fetched. It’s a very neutrally content expression.


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7 years ago

I don’t think the ones before Shrek really count. Like, you can find people with that kind of facial expression, but it isn’t the absolute focus of EVERYTHING like it became afterward. Shrek was the specific movie that made a certain smug grin into The Dreamworks Face.

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