Plated is a real neat food delivery service that brings gourmet ingredients right to your door so you can make like totally fancy food on your own! Close your eyes and imagine a box full of tiny chefs (probably either gnome or dwarf chefs) coming out and making a delicious feast for you and your friends. Now open your eyes and realize that there never were any tiny chefs, it was you all along. Plated makes it that easy. You have everything you need right there and instructions on how to make it as well. These are chef inspired recipes that sound like swanky millionaire food too. “Coffee Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella”. “Fontina Polenta with Roasted Spring Vegetables”. Your friends will literally think you are an undercover chef and they will probably hold you to the ground and demand to know your secrets. That is, if your friends are anything like my friends.

Personally, my favorite aspect is that Plated use fresh, healthy, and locally produced ingredients only. Not only is it good for you but it’s good for the environment as well. And the box is biodegradable too. So you are helping the world with each bite of Plated food. Pat yourself on the back! But wait until after you are finished eating.

So like why are you even still reading this you should be ordering something from Plated right now. COME ON GO.

ok bye.

Author: D-Man

Hey, I don't know what to say. Ok, bye.

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Neil Killion
10 years ago

Look, it’s great idea……but for someone as truly lazy as I am I still like the gnome chefs. I’m sure it’d work ‘Down Under’ in Sydney as well.

Big D
Big D
10 years ago

I like this idea. No more traipsing around shops and you still get to do proper grown-up cooking.
Like the infocomic too.

10 years ago

produced healthy and fresh food coming right to your door in biodegradable
boxes with recipe cards sounds like a great idea! Looked at the website, yummy
recipes. I wouldn’t do this all the time but I’d consider it for times when I’m
very busy. I also like that they have gift
cards. It would make a nice gift for a
couple or family. Nice cartoon above too!

10 years ago

What a great idea! Im admittedly not the best cook when it comes to the
fancy sounding recipes, but I can see myself doing well using a service
like this. -very cool!

umashankar pandey
umashankar pandey
10 years ago

That sounds like the best of the both worlds: just the right ingredients in right quantity, and the warmth and aroma of your own kitchen! Are they sending that stuff to this patch of Earth too?

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