Toronto Urban Eatery at the Eaton Centre

The Toronto Urban Eatery: A Review


It has been like two and a half years since this renovated location opened and I only recently got the chance to visit it and learn about the many things that it has to offer. Here are some things that it has to offer. Here are my thoughts on my experience and what it has to offer.


This is how you enter the eatery from the Eaton Centre’s first floor. My first impression is that it looks like a sink and everyone is going down the sink like water. Soon before I knew it I was on the escalator and also going down the sink.


The stainless steel makes it look even more like a sink and also it makes it look futuristic as if everything was made out of reflective textiles. I’d like to mention at this point I was impressed by the look of the wall. However I was also caught up in nostalgic memories of the concourse in its previous form. In university I spent many days and nights in it eating alone or sitting on the padded benches and listening to music between classes. These benches are now gone.


There are a lot of tables and the concourse is very long, I would like to mention that I feel that people could get lost as it is expansive. But there is a lot of seating available if you are looking for a place to sit or lay down and die. However I think that it could be fairly moderately frustrating to find seating for one person as many people come to dine here with friends.


The lighting is very adequate, it reminds me of something that is ghostly. It glows radiant.


There was a goatlike smell in the air when I first descended, as if goats were nearby. The above picture presents goats migrating across a plain.


I’d like to mention at this point that it was aesthetically more pleasing to the public eye. The previous concourse was dark and gloomy and although I enjoyed its dank warmth I feel it probably was not enticing to the average Toronto citizen. The wooden planks in the ceiling provide an organic feel.

There is a Sportchek on this level and they were playing urban music videos as I passed by. There is also a customer service attendant at hand for all your inquiries. He looked very professional. Guests to the city will feel very comfortable asking him questions as he was wearing a suit.

At this point it smelled much better and there are many culinary delights here. I also wrote down “what’s in your crepe?” in my notes although I am not sure what this was referring to. Then I saw McDonalds and KFC and they were very artsy and metallic. It was like a whole new world.


McDonalds had a very esoteric screensaver graphic on the wall with 3D logos on a white background. I feel this appeals to a niche market like today’s millennial youth.

At this point I walked around the whole thing and I was near a place called Cafe Aromatica. I saw a blue shirted bro sitting with a girl and she was laughing and it made me sad.

In conclusion I would like to say that my visit to the Toronto Urban Eatery was not as pleasant as I wished it would be. However it was mildly pleasant as I exited the escalator I saw an older lady who looked like Jesse Eisenberg and she stumbled as she got off the escalator and it made me laugh.






This is Jesse Eisenberg, the star of the “The Social Network” movie.

In conclusion I would also like to say that there are two Jugo Juices very close to each other and I feel this is inefficient and could potentially be bad for business.

The Urban Eatery can be found in the Eaton Centre which is in Toronto, the capital of Ontario, Canada.

Author: D-Man

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