Brenton Thwaites

Have you heard of Brenton Thwaites? Probably not yet. This time next year though, probably going to be a household name, or on the cusp of becoming one. He’s literally being “saved” for next year before the big rollout. It’s almost as if they’re hiding him, like he’s a product. He’s part of the newest batch of generic white guy action stars that Hollywood is foisting upon us.

You know, like Jack Reynor, Taylor Kitsch, Alex Pettyfer, Garrett Hedlund, Chris Pine,  Armie Hammer, Liam Hemsworth, and many others. I believe the lineage can be traced back to Chris O’ Donnell. There’s enough facial variation to tell the aforementioned apart, but there are a few that are actually just clones of each other. 4zacefrons                    

Hey Hollywood, white guys aren’t the only people who can be action heroes. Besides, if you’re out saving the world you don’t have time to maintain a perfectly coiffed pompadour. You look gritty and unrefined. We need more unique looking people. Otherwise the Expendables reboot in 2025 will just be twelve Zac Efrons.

Author: D-Man

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