Jeremy Renner Sniping

Jeremy Renner is always looking down the barrel of a gun (or bow and arrow) at a distant target.

Here is little Jeremy Renner in 2004 in S.W.A.T., his first big movie, and already sniping.

Here is Jeremy Renner sniping at zombies in the city in 28 Days Later.

And now he is sniping at zombies in the woods in 28 Weeks Later.

Setting his sights on some non-zombies in The Hurt Locker. Man, Jeremy Renner and his love of gun barrels!

No, Jeremy Renner, you’re pointing the gun all wrong here! How are you gonna save the town like that??

Much better, Jeremy Renner!

Jeremy Renner likes arrows too, as long as they’ve got a scope. There’s like ten million Marvel movies with him doing this so I’ll just post the one, you get it.

Okay, we’re back to guns! Here Jeremy Renner is the Jason Bourne replacement and now he has a beard.

First it was zombies in the forest, now it’s witches in the forest. Jeremy Renner just doesn’t like spooky Halloween people wandering around the woods.

He had a lot of weird mystical guns in Hansel.

Now he’s sniping in a movie called Wind River. If you like Jeremy Renner sniping things, you’ll love this movie.

He didn’t get to snipe anything in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, so he said “I’m leaving!!” and did not return for the next chapter. Sorry, Jeremy Renner, you can’t always be sniping.

oh no he heard me now he’s going to snipe me !!!!!


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