3.380: It Never Really Ends

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When I first started this comic in 2013 I had intended its core tenet to be the antithesis to every single one of the countless movies / TV shows / books / comics / blogs about “life as a millennial in this wacky modern world!”.

You’ve no doubt seen many examples of these. The quirky twenty-something protagonist who’s navigating the ups and downs of first world city life, having misadventures in dating, the workplace, and daily life. But what if these misadventures went comically beyond “unfair”? I wanted to write a narrative where inexplicably, very little went right for the main character.

By the time 2014 rolled around I had plenty of real life experiences to draw on, as that year was an endurance gauntlet like no other. I’ve mixed and matched a lot of different events throughout this comic, but you’d be surprised at which things were actually true. I am, and always have been, a happy-go-lucky optimist at heart, but the relentless barrage of roadblocks that year really began to take a toll on me. In turn I wrote them into the comic.

Surprise! Turns out- it’s not a fun read. The constant bleakness was not something most people want to regularly ingest, especially when it was uncomfortably candid. I’ve often gone back to certain episodes-mostly from 2014- and rewritten some of the dialogue because it was just too nihilistic. Anyone who waded into this morass quickly felt drained, worn down and upset. Totally understandable!

Still I soldiered on. Months passed. Years passed. Some things in life got better! Others stayed the same.

It was in early 2016 that I realized I was regurgitating the same themes over and over and over and even acknowledging that repetition within the comic. And so a project that was supposed to be an outlet for my frustration ended up contributing to it. So I’ve decided to end it. But in a real, non-quitting way, for closure’s sake.

What am I gonna do now? Still gotta figure that out, but I’m paying money for this site so probably gonna keep using it.

Definitely going to blog more. Thinkpieces, joke articles, reviews, countdowns- all will be found in the BLOG section. I’m also going to post very in-depth personal entries about my own life and the who/what/wheres that matter. However they will be password protected, so if you’d like access please email me. This’ll let me be much less infuriatingly vague, and will keep them from interfering with my work.

I’ve got a few (much more) lighthearted comic ideas kicking around. Still figuring out which ones would be best but it shouldn’t be too long before you see more cartoonz.

I’d really like to develop an aesthetic that looks better than “glorified BitStrips”. But do you really expect high art from a comic inspired by the most marvelously melodramatic piece of pop from the past 15 years?

Maybe I’ll return to AFQ one day. But for now I need to let it rest, and just like my character I need to gain some new experiences and perspectives in order to grow as a person and a creator.

So please enjoy whatever else pops up here. Also if you haven’t already- please do check out my ongoing sketch comedy video series.

Thank you for reading.

3.379: Apocalyptic Scheherazade VR

I think it would be so romantic to have my face melted off by a solar radiation blast while a girl rests her head on my shoulder awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

When i started this comic, VR headsets were not a real thing and I was planning to draw some crazy unrealistic machine for that last panel. but three and a half years later and BAM. virtual reality is a relevant, recognizable thing now.

Still gonna post one final author’s statement… just need to make it a little more professional. Over the years I’ve found that looking back at anything I’ve written about my real life- positive and negative- always ends up cringeworthy and I delete it soon after in embarrassment. So I want to get this right!

So it will be Sunday evening then, yes? See y’all then.

3.378: This Train Will Be Departing In Approximately 15 Minutes

And that’s the end of the story.

I wrote three different endings for A Forever Quest, the final choice depending on what mood I was in by the time this comic rolled around. The first was very similar to this, but with an extra panel that would have implied a definitively positive outcome. The girl also looked…different. The second was more sombre, with an extra scene by the water and a monologue- no girl at the end. The third was this ambiguous but potentially hopeful one, because even when life is throwing all sorts of curveballs at me I’m one of those sillyheads they call “optimists”. I feel that this one will stand the test of time no matter what mood I’m in when I re-read it. Who knows what happens?! It’s up to you and YOUR imagination now. I’ve done my job.

There are still a few things left to post, so don’t abandon this place just yet. For one, this weird overarching plot still has to conclude. So y’all stick around for a bit.

3.377: Sierra


i could really use a beach right now (beach right now)
or even a sunset
or even the sun!
too many grey skies lately
the “bro event” referred to is here.
and the brief moment sierra showed attraction is the final panel here.
(you can tell by the way i drew her face “soft” LOLOLOLOLOL)
holy shoot i can’t believe i planned this out THREE YEARS AGO.

3.376: Goodbye, Farewell, Get Lost

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