A blip. That’s what 2021 was. A 365 day week in which almost absolutely nothing happened. If I were to have mysteriously gone into a coma on January 1st 2021 and awakened on January 1st 2022, totally physically and mentally inert for the whole year, I would be in the exact same spot as I currently am. Nothing has changed. Only two notable things transpired this year and they were both very sad. The rest was mostly mental turmoil as I withered away from loneliness. Cool, OK, let’s get right into it.

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Year End Music Countdowns #20: 2021

If I may be perfectly honest with you, this was a very easy list to whittle down. 2021 was a bad year for music and some of these songs are only on here by default; a better year would see them nowhere near the top. So some of these entries are going to read as less-than-rapturous hosannas even though these are technically my favourite songs of the year.

Dire times indeed.

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