Due to an ongoing scheduling conflict, this blog will be going on a brief hiatus. Regularly posting content under such strenuous circumstances for these past few months has taken a toll on the quality of my output; I cannot continue creating satisfactory writing without addressing and adjusting these time management issues.

Thank you for your continued readership.

Ten Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But That’s Okay

our world has a lot of animals. there are the normal animals that everyone knows like the dog and the cat and worm. then there are the mysterious animals that you never hear about. some of them are really cool and do crazy things like change colour or run really fast or fly. some of them look really crazy like aliens! and some of them are not impressive, they are actually kind of boring in fact. its just like why. here are a whole bunch of animals you probably did not know existed, but thats alright because they arent really that cool.

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Weekly Fiver #28

Welcome to the Weekly Fiver, where I’ll pick five recently released songs of varying degrees of quality and thoroughly break them down for you. No two songs will be on the same tier, and they’ll be listed from best to worst. The top song will be an excellent must-hear tune, while the bottom song will be one you ought to stay away from or else you will make your ears sad. It’s all very scientific.

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