3.69: If It Makes You Happy

afqcomic69Newsflash: The world does not care if you are happy.

Sidebar: Earth itself does not want you to be happy. Earth is a giant organic machine ball and whether you are happy or not is of no consequence to it.
Back to newsflash: The world meaning the people of Earth- they don’t care if you’re happy or not. The world wants you to be an accountant, a broker, an assistant, a manager, a salesperson, a supervisor, or an analyst. Sit behind the desk for eight hours a day, then go to a bar or go home and watch Dancing With The Stars. The world wants for you to make small talk and smile at bad jokes and go on vacations once a year and complain about the local weather. The world does not want you to reach for the stars, and if the world catches you reaching for the stars it will slap your hands and scold you and send you to your room.  ok bye.