3.378: This Train Will Be Departing In Approximately 15 Minutes

And that’s the end of the story.

I wrote three different endings for A Forever Quest, the final choice depending on what mood I was in by the time this comic rolled around. The first was very similar to this, but with an extra panel that would have implied a definitively positive outcome. The girl also looked…different. The second was more sombre, with an extra scene by the water and a monologue- no girl at the end. The third was this ambiguous but potentially hopeful one, because even when life is throwing all sorts of curveballs at me I’m one of those sillyheads they call “optimists”. I feel that this one will stand the test of time no matter what mood I’m in when I re-read it. Who knows what happens?! It’s up to you and YOUR imagination now. I’ve done my job.

There are still a few things left to post, so don’t abandon this place just yet. For one, this weird overarching plot still has to conclude. So y’all stick around for a bit.