3.315: It’s Not You It’s Them


i actually have not used krongl or blippr or touchy or farmville or any of those dating apps cuz my sister showed me how they work and it just seems like 100000 thirsty guys filling up girls’ inboxes and that is not really my thing.

but i have always wondered if people who do not get any matches ever complain to the developers. like, how do you deal with angry lonely people? i would assume, spin it into gold. ^^

that last panel is actually based on an inspirational (read: delusional) jpeg that went around years ago that was seriously worded like that. i’m relieved to say that even at my absolute most immature i never had that mindset- that i am some sort of refined, precious, golden little prince that women just don’t appreciate.

i cringe so much when i hear guys say “i think i just intimidate women, they can’t handle me” because i can picture the awkward mouthbreather who’s saying that. and his cheeto dust covered shirt.