3.312: The Thirst is Real


i have only actually ever drank alcohol twice in my entire life.

the first was new year’s eve 2008. i was waiting in a local bar for some friends (AND YEAH A SPECIFIC GIRL) to arrive and didn’t want to look like a creepo so i had myself my very first rum and coke. and then a bunch more.

and then it turned into a ridiculous self-aware scene because my friends didn’t show up and Death Cab played over the speakers and i was sitting alone on NYE in a bar listening to sad indie music, it was the most pathetic of fallacies. all i needed was a little rain.

the second time was actually this past month where i met with a friend and either the rum was really strong or all those years of not drinking have made me incredibly lightweight, cuz i got fairly buzzed and embarrassingly ineloquent and made a mess of things.