3.299: Before the Forever Quest

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I’ve written myself into a circle.

I’d always intended for this comic to be written from the point of view of someone who was past all these experiences. Who’d lived through them, and had grown out of that mindset. A future, self-aware version of me who knew better than the me you see in the comic.

So…me, essentially.

The comic version of me– that’s not how I think. He’s always two to three years behind in terms of maturity. But recently the gap in mindsets began to gradually close and I started to revisit old themes over and over…and over. Even if I was long past them.

And so the core conceit of the comic- a guy on a quest to learn and grow and become a better person- started to ring false.

I don’t know what to do, because I had a very defined story to tell, but my life has veered so far off course from the comic that it no longer feels like my autobiography. I guess I’m gonna have to decide whether to stick to my original plot or change it to match my life.