3.28: Perplexment

















The ladies whom I fancy have this magical, incredible ability of knowing the exact instant I become interested in them. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve known them a year or a few minutes, or whether I’m talking to them in person or online. It’s like a Google Alert for Dusty Interest Waves (sidenote: cool band name). (Also please note that Dusty Interest Waves are not the same as Desperation Waves- it’s not like I suddenly start clinging to them and hanging around like an evil bat.) Up until that moment, all interactions will be all cool and stuff. Like, totally chill.

Then the switch flips and everything gets way tougher, like you suddenly turned up the difficulty of the video game in the middle of the level (can you do that now? i dunno i don’t play video games.) They quit answering messages, they don’t want to talk, and of course as soon as I start liking them, they begin pursuing another guy. Like if I start liking a girl on November 8th, that’s when the spark will ignite between her and another dude, and November 8th will inevitably eventually become their anniversary. It’s just an interesting psychological phenomenon.

btw the second panel face looks like Bitstrips face i am sooooooo super super sorry