3.26: Forever Baloney
















Being a total wimp, I listen to a lot of wide-eyed, star-crossed type music that perpetuates ideals like true love and destiny and all that noble stuff. I know it’s not realistic but there’s a comfort knowing that someone else is going through these experiences and you can relate to them.

Except when you know that behind the mopey facade there’s just a guy who just uses those kinds of lyrics to sell units. Like, Three Days Grace guy is married and you know, kind of an adult, and he’s still singing things like “I’m sooooooo hurt I’m sooooooo sad”. I’m paraphrasing there.

But the most disillusioning revelation was this one: One of my teenage heroes, Robert Smith, has been married to his CHILDHOOD sweetheart since 1988. As in, he achieved what every repressed, depressed romantic listening to the Cure wishes for every night. And yet he still piles on the eyeliner and sings about being sad. It’s like winning the gold at the Olympics and then complaining that you haven’t won any silvers or bronzes. I DUNNO WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE.