3.213: Build-It-Barren


Well, here we are again. It would be downright bizarre for me to leave Valentine’s unacknowledged, all things considered.

It’s been a strange journey.

In childhood it was all about the card collecting, a very unsubstantial holiday with no deeper/romantic subtext.

Then came the “cootie years”, where it became totally gross.

Then came the teenage rebellion years, where things like the “Anti-Valentine’s Playlist” on the radio were obnoxiously trumpeted as some sort of vindication for me.

Then several years of sadness hit, followed by a few years of bitter cynicism.

And now we’re at resigned indifference.

I mean, I’m still kind of upset, but it’s no different from any other day of the year. No one’s going to call, text, or send any sort of message, and then it’ll be February 15th and the same thing will happen. So it’s not really a big deal anymore. The cycle continues.

She cho-cho-chose someone else.

She cho-cho-chose someone else.