3.193: Toast or Roast?


Nowadays it’s more cliche to bitterly decry the notion of true love/ soul mates than to believe in the notion. Most people understand that there isn’t ONE special person designated for you out there.

At least, most single/non-committed people understand that.

There’s a certain sense of smugness when coupled people say that they “knew” they were going to be with their partner forever when they first met them. Uh, no you didn’t. A million things could have gone wrong. The other person could have said no. You might have broken up. They could have moved away. You weren’t destined to be, it was just luck and circumstance. Like, good job on staying together, but don’t imply that you are one of a few people that somehow managed to pick the correct partner out of 7 billion humans. For all you know your TRUE other half is stitching together a burlap onesie in a Myanmar sweat camp.