3.150: The Sticky Tape Saga, Part I


I had the sequencing for comic 100 planned out meticulously, so it would align  perfectly. For the sesquicentennial comic I had no such plan and figured it would be uneventful but, like, lo and behold- #150 starts an important mini-arc that I’ve been waiting to do for a very long time.

A lot of my comic deals with the trivial, “perceived injustice” of my misadventures with the ladies, but these next few are about a much, much more important issue that affects a lot of young people in the workplace right now.

For brevity’s sake, the timeline will be expedited and certain developments will be spelled out extremely obviously. Hopefully you’ll see the legitimately unjust nature of corporate cronyism, exploitation, blatant favouritism, and outright unethical business practices that are happening in the world today.