3.139: Soundtrack to Misery


Apologies to the Rob Thomas fans out there. Although you three oughta know better.

I’ve heard stations like this though. They seemed determined to dig out the worst songs ever to punish listeners. They’ll play the worst songs from every era and every artist. Like, they purposely avoid good music. For example:

70s: Won’t play ELO, will play Dan Fogelberg
80s: Won’t play Depeche Mode, will play Richard Marx
90s: Won’t play Pearl Jam, will play Shania Twain and UB-40
00s: Won’t play Silversun Pickups, will play Daniel Powter
10s: It’s all terrible anyway so they play an endless loop of most of these.

Even when they do play an artist that has good songs, they’ll ignore those and go for the bottom end of the catalogue! Lady Gaga has some listenable stuff, but they’re not gonna play Poker Face or Bad Romance- they’ll play generic dreck like You & I. Coldplay has so many great tunes, all of which are forgone for their horrendous duet with Rihanna. Remember when the Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi were good? These stations don’t.