3.138: Everyone is Moving On


More continuity bridging!

Many moons ago, when I was 14, I was babysitting a whole bunch of kids. They were 6 years younger than me. So, using math… they were little. Anyway, one of them was like “Hey Mr! How many girlfriends have you had?” And I said “Uhhh…none”. And they all laughed because they assumed that me, a high schooler, would have had at least one girlfriend by then.

Anyway, now it’s over 10 years later, and every single one of those kids has had a relationship, and most are in one right at this very moment. Some are getting married! In fact, kids that THESE kids would have been babysitting (like, born in the year 2000) are now 14. So there’s guys out there who were BORN when I started asking girls out and are now of dating age.

It just gets tough sometimes.