3.133: Throwing Stones


I remember I used to seethe with impotent rage when I’d see a lady I fancied with some hipster dudebro but then I broke it down logically and come on really like why would you pick an ugg over a normal looking guy. It’s just so understandable that you’d be drawn to someone aesthetically pleasing, everybody should be interested in someone that attracts them, plain and simple. But man, like 95% of the ladies I was once into are now with guys that all literally look THE SAME. Every day another picture of them with their pompadoured, carefully stubbled hipster bro boyfriends pops up in my news feed. And, heavens-to-betsy, although I should be unfazed after 500 of these, it still stings a little tiny bit. Cuz I’ve had to interact with these guys at concerts and they are blander than overcooked rice covered in unsalted butter.