3.100: Apocalyptic Scheherazade II



I didn’t think I’d get this far but I did. I had a lot of ideas for what to do for the 100th strip, but I felt it was about time to revisit this conceit.

Other ideas included but were not limited to:

– Re-doing an old comic
– Creating a “connector” between the second and third chapters
– Doing a stylized comic (no outlines/fancy shading/ pixel art)
– Sending my character on an actual date

I’m probably still going to do the first three somewhere down the road. As for the last point- I want to keep this comic grounded in reality, not some sort of sci-fi or fantasy.

I think what I’m proud of most about getting to this point is that I achieved my goal. Not to reach a hundred strips, but to get better at drawing. And I daresay my chums, I am slightly better at drawing. At least better than I was last November. Still gotta work on facial consistency though. Hopefully I’ll have improved that by strip #200. That is, if/when I reach it. Who knows.

ok bye.