Character Bios

This is the story of Dusty, an unsophisticated buffoon, and his life journey to become a slightly less unsophisticated buffoon.


For the most part, he is an OK guy [citation needed]. He’s got a few flaws, cuz he’s complex like that. But his life just isn’t going the way he planned. Which, whatever, is not the biggest problem in the world, probably not even in the top 10 problems in the world, but it does kinda upset him sometimes.

That’s when these guys come out:blobsbiopic2

The Night Terror Crew is group of blobs that hang out in Dusty’s subconscious, hijacking his dreams and psyche when he gets super bummed out, thereby creating Negative Dusty.


A cynical, jaded curmudgeon. This pessimistic version of Dusty tends to stick around until someone shows him some empathy. Often times it’s this guy:

Benji Van Der Waal, Dusty’s roommate and a solid human being all around. Rational and straightforward, he is responsible for keeping Dusty in check and grounded in reality.

If Benji’s not around, Dusty can count on this lady:

Sierra Bukowski, former crush but current grade A friend. Sierra is driven, motivated and doesn’t take lightly to immaturity or being jerked around. She works as a freelance director.


That’s Mikolai Rubnikov. He’s Dusty’s former co-worker at a discount grocery store. He’s not even 20 and he’s already married. #achievement #matrimony

selenebiopicSelene popped up here and there for a while, gradually vanishing. Then she came back, but she looked like this:


Turns out she’s got major social anxiety that keeps her from going out in public. After a major panic attack she decided to get help at a therapeutic institute.


Hey, remember this guy from 10 years ago? It’s Darryl Baleman, totally chill dude. He likes playing with X-boxes and Play-stations and cheers on the sports teams. He sells insurance. And he totally gets along with everybody, man.


Andrea totally gets how chill Darryl is, being his wife. It’s not his fault that her self-esteem has plummeted! It must be something she’s doing wrong. I mean, WHY would totally chill Darryl ever do anything insidious like try to keep her away from her sister Selene?

<<that is sarcasm, darryl is a bad bad man>>

geenabiopicGeena Arakwe is a nice, easygoing girl who unfortunately makes poor choices when it comes to dating. Which is totally cool cuz it’s her choice who she dates, but her past boyfriends do include an unhygienic slob, a paranoid vagrant, an adult baby, a creepy voyeur, and uhhnnnggh… this guy:


Ned Pritchard. A socially awkward, unremarkable, entitled beta male. Leader of an online community of fellow deluded weirdos.

Regarding the Comic

I started my first webcomic series in the summer of 2005, based very loosely on my life. It puttered along, gloriously amateur and utterly cringe-worthy until 2007, where it lay in limbo until I put it out of its misery in 2009.

I then did a surprisingly prolific (albeit strangely chipper) run of music-related comics between August 2009 and August 2010.

A Forever Quest (this site! yay) is a marginally more mature autobiography, and can occasionally get candid to an uncomfortable degree. It’s mostly rooted in reality, with obviously embellished twists for drama’s sake. If that sounds totally awesome, you can read it from the beginning here.