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3 Comments on "3.270: Say Yes to Saying No"

Toxic Delirium
2 years 1 month ago

This comic really spoke to me. My 45th Birthday was July 16 (Nuke Day! Look it up.). Three years ago my current job involved mostly janitorial work, but now I’m the manager of the Anatomical Board for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. I didn’t have so much as a single date from the age of 28 until I was 42. Now I’m living with my girlfriend. I guess my point is that life changes in ways you can never expect. When I accepted the fact that the world doesn’t owe me anything and stopped expecting anything from life, my life got better. I just went out and did stuff. I started playing violin with a quartet after a decade of not playing. I started donating blood, and volunteering at a homeless shelter. When you start LIVING instead of just existing, your life will improve. You WILL find love, even if it’s only for yourself. I promise.
And this might sound trite, but Jesus loves you. I’ve met Him. He is real and He is God. He kept me sane and alive, when I had given up hope.
‘Nuff said.

2 years 1 month ago

Ok well first off, happy belated birthday. I hope it was very excellent.

Secondly, thanks for your comment, I very much appreciate it.

Thirdly…i just wish i had a more interesting life.

2 years 2 months ago

Just read all of your comics from the beginning. I felt really lonely moving to a new town too, but I met cool friends at life-drawing through meetup.com!